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Expandable Mechanical Broadheads

Expandable broadheads have taken the industry by storm in recent years and Swhacker broadheads, with their two-cut technology have led the way. The benefit of the expandable broadhead is based on the field-point accuracy they deliver when in the closed position. These broadheads fly true and provide huge cutting diameters compared to fixed broadheads, which is why expandable broadheads are preferred by many hunters. Swhacker expandable broadheads are based on the two-cut technology, developed by Swhacker founder, Rick Forrest. The wing blades of the Swhacker expandable broadheads help take on the tough first layer of fat, hide, and bone as the broadheads make initial impact with game animals. As the wing blades of the Swhacker expandable broadhead pass through this first layer, they cause the main blades of the expandable broadhead to open to its full cutting diameter, only after entering the body cavity. This assures the main blades of the Swhacker expandable broadheads remain surgically sharp and undamaged, allowing them to deliver their full cutting potential as they pass through the vital organs of the game animal. The Swhacker expandable broadhead’s main blades cause massive hemorrhaging as they pass through vital organs, delivering a fatal blow for deer, elk, bear or any other game animal.
The Swhacker expandable broadhead and its two-slice technology, which cause the main blades to deploy only after entering the body cavity, also allows the arrow to maintain full momentum as it passes through the animal. Greater momentum and energy means greater chance of pass-through shots, which, ultimately, lead to better blood trails for hunters. Better blood trails mean a greater chance of finding downed animals versus other expandable broadhead models that open on impact and lose momentum, often never passing through the animal.

Recently, Swhacker expandable broadheads introduced their hybrid broadheads to the hunting market. These unique expandable broadheads offer the benefits of both fixed blade broadheads and an expandable broadhead. Like the original Swhacker expandable broadheads, the Swhacker hybrid expandable broadhead features wingblades which, after passing through the initial layer of hide, fat, and bone, cause the main blades to open internally, slicing through vital organs. However, the Swhacker 4 blade expandable broadheads also feature two fixed blades, called bleeder blades, located along the opposite side of the ferrule as the wingblades. These smaller, fixed bleeder blades are razor sharp and double the cutting effectiveness at the point of impact, which causes a larger entrance hole and leads to increased blood leaving the body from the entrance wound. The fixed bleeder blades of the hybrid expandable broadhead also lead to larger exit wounds, too. Combined, the larger entrance and exit wounds delivered by the 4 blade expandable broadhead, create two massive wounds that allow blood to flow from both sides of the animal and, ultimately, leaves behind an unbeatable blood trail that is easy to follow.

This combination of fixed and expandable broadhead blades make the 4 blade expandable from Swhacker a terrific choice for bowhunters who are looking to deliver maximum damage at the point of impact, as well as, the point of exit. Hybrid broadheads are fast becoming a favorite expandable broadhead for many bowhunters and are a great choice for all varieties of big game, including deer, elk, moose, bear, wild boar and so much more.

Swhacker hybrid broadheads also feature replaceable main blades and bleeder blades for added convenience. The replacement kits for the 4 blade expandable broadhead are readily available and easy to use.

For bowhunters looking to deliver a massive blow to their next deer and ensure a quick recovery, look for Swhacker hybrid broadheads.