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Hunting Setup vs. 3D Setup: Levi Morgan Shares His Go-To Rigs

If you’re like our team, we got out in the woods and on the range more last year than we...

If you’re like our team, we got out in the woods and on the range more last year than we ever have. The pandemic showed us what we already knew in our hearts—there’s nothing like getting outside and connecting with nature. 

Although some archery tournaments were cancelled, that didn’t stop the pros from shooting as good or better than they have in the past! And when hunting season rolled around, the fun continued to roll in.

You know the old saying “practice makes perfect” rings especially true, regardless if you’re a devoted bowhunter or an avid archer. But why not spice up your practice by getting your hands on the products that top leaders in the industry use? 

Levi Morgan, World Champion archer, has had a passion for archery and bowhunting since his early teenage years, due in part to his dad’s love of bowhunting. Since then, he’s grown this passion into a flourishing career and lifestyle, going on to win the coveted Archery Shooters Association’s (ASA) Shooter of the Year award 13 times, along with 14 World Championship titles and 65 national tournament wins.

It’s no doubt that Levi’s numerous accolades throughout his career are surely a testament to his work ethic and faith. Just during 2021, Levi captured podium finishes (top 3) in the majority of the national tournaments held throughout the US.  With the level of competition, along with unpredictability in the weather these events bring each and every time, everyone there knows Levi is just “next-level” talented.

We asked Levi Morgan, which rigs are his favorite? 

Levi is no stranger to sharing what he loves to shoot and why he loves it. To help you kick off hunting season and gear up for your next archery tournament, Levi shared his exact hunting rig setup and 3D tournament rig setup with us. 


Levi Morgan’s Hunting Rig

Bow - prototype 
Arrows – Gold Tip Pierce Tour 250
Vane - TAC Driver 2.25” 4-fletch
Arrow Wraps - TAC Vanes Topo Wraps (Size B)
Nock - nocturnal
Broadhead - Swhacker Broadheads #261
Rest - QAD integrate
Sight - Axcel Landslyde
Bars - prototype 15” & 10”
Peep – Hamskea Archery 
Bowmar Nose Button


Levi Morgan’s Tournament Rig

Bow - Mathews TRX 40
Arrows – Gold Tip Triple X
Sight - Axcel 
Lens - 5x
Peep - Hamskea Archery 
Rest - QAD Tri
Stabilizer - prototype 30” & 12”
Vane - Tac Driver 2.75”
Nock - GTO
Bowmar nose button