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Crossbow Broadhead

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Crossbow Broadheads

Swhacker crossbow broadheads have set the new standard in quality and performance in broadheads for crossbows. Engineered to take full advantage of current high-performance crossbows, Swhacker’s crossbow mechanical broadheads deliver better penetration and pass-through performance, thanks to the time-tested two-cut technology of Swhacker crossbow broadheads. The first cut of this two-cut technology is delivered by the wing blades of the crossbow broadhead as they slice through the tough first layer of hide and bone at the point of impact. As the wing blades of the crossbow broadhead pass through this first layer of hide and bone, they trigger the second cut of the two-cut technology, as the main blades of Swhacker’s expandable broadheads for crossbows deploy internally, after penetration, to the crossbow broadhead’s full blade width. Because the wing blades have taken on the tough first layer of bone and hide at the point of entry, the primary blades, which are scalpel-sharp, remain fresh and damage-free, ensuring maximum cutting performance as they enter the body cavity. The engineering design of the Swhacker crossbow broadhead delivers devastating lethal damage to internal organs and circulatory system, for quick kills and short tracking jobs. Available in both 100 or 125 grain broadheads for crossbows, there is a Swhacker mechanical broadhead design perfectly matched for your crossbow.

Broadheads for Crossbows

Designed around the internal deployment of its primary blades, Swhacker’s crossbow mechanical broadheads have significant benefits over the competition’s crossbow broadheads, which open at the point of impact. While the two-slice technology of Swhacker’s crossbow broadheads allows the wing blades to make the initial cut at the point of impact, the competition’s expandable broadheads for crossbows open, fully, at the point of impact, forcing their primary blades to cut through the first layer of hide and bone, dulling, or in some cases, breaking the primary blades, before they even enter the body cavity and have a chance to reach internal organs. By opening fully on impact, the competitor’s crossbow broadheads experience a drastic slowdown of the arrow’s full momentum, which negatively affects overall penetration of the arrow. This means fewer pass-through shots from the competitor’s crossbow broadheads. The Swhacker crossbow broadhead, which penetrates the first layer of hide and bone using the wing blades, allows the arrow to retain a higher rate of momentum as it enters the body cavity, allowing for a greater percentage of clean-killing pass-through shots. The higher rate of pass-through shots from Swhacker’s crossbow broadheads, mean you will experience more consistent and larger exit wounds, with better overall blood trails. Everyone likes short blood trails and Swhacker’s broadheads for crossbows truly deliver!

In the closed position, the aerodynamic design of the Swhacker crossbow broadhead assures consistent field point accuracy, shot after shot. The sleek, closed design of Swhacker’s broadheads for crossbows, is engineered to minimize resistance as it cuts through the air toward its intended target, downrange. Current high-performance crossbows deliver extreme speeds, some in excess of 400 feet per second. Swhacker crossbow broadheads are built to take advantage of the power and performance of today’s crossbows.

Swhacker broadheads for crossbows are available in three different weights. The 100 grain crossbow broadheads feature a 1.75-inch cutting diameter. The 125 grain crossbow broadheads feature a 2-inch cutting diameter. And the massive, 150 grain crossbow broadheads feature an ultra-wide 3-inch cutting diameter.
Each Swhacker crossbow broadhead features removable blades that can be easily replaced in a few simple steps. Replacement blade kits for Swhacker crossbow broadheads are available for purchase.

Swhacker broadheads are the best crossbow broadheads for today’s high-performance crossbows and are quickly becoming the preferred choice of mechanical broadhead for crossbows throughout the archery market. Swhacker crossbow broadheads can be purchased through authorized Swhacker dealers online, your favorite national outdoor retailer, and independent archery shops across the country.