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Slice Twice


Developed by former aerospace engineer Rick Forrest, who loved mechanical broadheads but hated how they had shallow penetration or broke when hunting large game. He sought out to design a broadhead whose main cutting blades would open only after passing through the ribs. The result is the SWHACKER mechanical broadhead with a unique “Slice Twice” blade design.

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    First Slice

    Wing Blades

    The first set of edges, also known as the wing blades, are used for cutting the hide, the first set of ribs and help open the broadhead. They absorb most of the punishment of impact but take less energy to penetrate than an "open on impact" broadhead.

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    Second Slice

    Kill Blades

    The second set of edges, or main kill blades, remain closed during initial impact, so they retain their pristine, razor sharp edges. Once open in the body cavity, they easily slice through internal organs, delivering lethal damage.

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