#269 Levi Morgan Signature Series with Blade-Lock Technology


Levi Morgan #269 125 Grain 2.5 Inch with Blade Lock Technology Engineered to the demanding specifications of Levi Morgan, the world’s most renowned ar

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Quick Specs

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.032" thick, stainless steel


Hardened high-carbon steel


Anodized aircraft aluminum

Product Details

Levi Morgan #269 125 Grain 2.5 Inch with Blade Lock Technology

Engineered to the demanding specifications of Levi Morgan, the world’s most renowned archer, the NEW #269 blends unprecedented broadhead technology with field point accuracy. The unique arced blade design reduces blade resistance after entry, retaining greater arrow momentum and delivering increased pass-through performance.  The reinforced ribbed ferrule delivers up to 20% greater strength and rigidity. The #269 also includes Swhacker’s popular Blade-Lock Technology, allowing the expandable blades to be locked in the closed position so hunters can practice with the exact broadhead they will be using in the field; it’s finetuning at its finest.  The #269 is 1-inch in flight and 2.5-inches after penetration.  

NEW for 2020, the #269 supports Swhacker’s unique Hunt-Ready Plug system, an alternative method to the current shrink bands, to keep blades closed during hunting applications.   Hunt-Ready Plugs can be used with models #200, #261, and #269. 

  • 125 grain, 2-blade, 2.5-inch cutting diameter
  • Reinforced ribbed ferrule, built from anodized aircraft aluminum, delivers up to 20% greater strength and rigidity.
  • Arced stainless steel .031” blade design, reduces resistance, helps retain arrow momentum and delivers greater penetration and pass-through performance
  • Blade-Lock Technology allows the expandable blades to be locked in the closed position for practice purposes. 
  • NEW! Hunt-Ready Plug System 
  • Slice Twice! Swhacker’s legendary wing blade design cuts through the first layer of hide, bone and fat, causing the NEW arced blades to deploy internally to deliver lethal damage to vital organs. This two-slice technology assures greater retained momentum and a higher percentage of pass-through shots.


    Levi Morgan Talks


    Levi Morgan, the most successful tournament archer in the world, depends on Swhacker broadheads for his hunts in the field. Levi Morgan’s professional archery career has been based on his accuracy on the tournament range and under hunting conditions, around the world. With his livelihood tied to the accuracy of his archery equipment, it goes to show the confidence Levi Morgan has in Swhacker broadheads. In fact, Levi Morgan is so confident in Swhacker’s expandable broadheads, he helped develop his very own signature series of Levi Morgan broadheads.

    As a World Class archer, Levi Morgan fine-tunes every aspect of his archery equipment; from the riser, to the limbs, to the strings, the sights, the rest, the arrows, vanes, and even his expandable broadheads. That is why Levi Morgan developed a signature series of broadheads that allows users to practice with the same broadheads they hunt with, using Swhacker’s exclusive Blade-Lock technology. Utilizing a uniquely engineered Blade-Lock screw, the blades of the signature series Levi Morgan broadheads can be locked in the closed position. This allows the use of the same hunting broadhead under practice conditions, providing true flight and performance feedback. Levi Morgan wanted a broadhead he could shoot during practice conditions and tune his bow, his arrows, and all other accessories to the exact hunting broadhead he would be using in the field. The Levi Morgan series of expandable broadheads accomplishes his mission.

    Levi Morgan did not stop with the development of Blade-Lock technology. The Levi Morgan broadheads feature the Hunt-Ready plug system, based on the same engineering of the Blade-Lock technology. When the Blade-Lock screw is removed, a specially designed silicone plug can be installed in the same hole in the ferrule of the Levi Morgan broadhead, again, locking the blades in place without the need for a shrink band, traditionally used with Swhacker broadheads under hunting conditions. Upon impact, as the wingblades cut through the initial layer of hide, muscle and bone, they cause the main blades to deploy, breaking the silicone Hunt-Ready plug, and allowing the main blades to open to their full width, after the broadhead has entered the body cavity of the game animal. This two-slice technology, causing internal deployment of the main blades, helps the arrow retain better energy and momentum for more consistent pass-through performance and better blood trails. Ultimately, the two-slice technology of Swhacker’s Levi Morgan broadheads, delivers shorter blood trails and more successful hunts for users.

    Levi Morgan broadheads also feature a proprietary ribbed ferrule design. The vertical ribs of the ferrule provide greater overall strength and rigidity to the Levi Morgan broadhead, while reducing surface area on the Levi Morgan broadhead and allowing for greater penetration. Rounding out the features of the Levi Morgan broadhead are the arced primary blades which further assist with maintaining energy and momentum as the Levi Morgan broadhead passes through vital organs. Available in both the #261 100 grain, 2-inch cut and #269 125 grain, 2.5-inch cut models, there is a Levi Morgan expandable broadhead model that fits your style of hunting. And, like Levi Morgan, his signature series Swhacker broadheads allow you to tune your bow on the range using the very broadheads you will be hunting with. It truly is fine-tuning at its finest. You would expect nothing less from Levi Morgan, the most decorated tournament archer in the world.

    For those that prefer the strength of solid stainless steel, Levi Morgan broadheads are also available in the #263 125 grain All Steel expandable broadhead, which features a 1.75” cutting diameter. For customers that prefer a fixed blade, the #262 Levi Morgan 100 grain broadhead features three surgically sharp fixed stainless steel blades and a 1.25” cutting diameter.

    Whatever your preference in material, technology, or style, there’s a Levi Morgan broadhead for you.