C'Mere Deer Corn Coat Corn Coat from C'Mere Deer is THE NEW MUST-HAVE deer attractant product. With the combined focus of our extensive field-tested r

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C'Mere Deer Corn Coat

Corn Coat from C'Mere Deer is THE NEW MUST-HAVE deer attractant product. With the combined focus of our extensive field-tested research, Corn Coat guarantees results.

Corn Coat is supercharged with F5, a powerfully effective blend of the best of C'Mere Deer patented formulas. Time after time our field studies have shown a dramatic increase in consumption of products treated with Corn Coat.

Simply put: Deer will eat whatever you treat, and that's our guarantee! Recommended Applications: Distribute product evenly, mixing well. Use with corn, protein pellets or any type of grain. Directions: Apply 4 ounces of Corn Coat to 50 lbs. of corn, pellets or grain. Shake well and distribute.

WARNING: The use of deer attractants is prohibited in some areas. Consult local and state hunting regulations and laws before using any deer attractant product. accepts orders shipping to U.S. addresses only. We encourage our Canadian friends to please visit our retail partners Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's stores located in Canada, or visit them online to purchase our products.

Due to State regulations, the sale of C'Mere Deer products are prohibited in New York & Vermont.

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C’mere Deer corn coat is a scientifically formulated powder that helps attract deer when added to shelled corn. The c mere deer corn coat has a sweet smell that deer cannot resist. Deer can smell cmere deer corn coat from long distances, drawing them in to bait stations and stand locations time and time again. C’mere Deer corn coat builds confidence in deer and they keep coming back consistently as they develop a preference for bait stations treated with cmere deer. Simply add four ounces of c mere deer corn coat for every 50 pounds of shelled corn. Stir or shake the corn coat into the shelled corn to fully coat the corn. Corn treated with Cmere deer corn coat is perfect for use in elevated gravity feeders, mechanical feeders or simply place on the ground. Deer will stay on it and eat it up until gone, cmere deer is that good!

Cmere deer is specially treated with FX500, a proprietary additive that enhances the taste of anything it is added to. So, not only does the sweet smell of c’mere deer corn coat draw them in, it actually improves the taste of the corn to the deer, making it even more palatable. As a result, mature bucks become territorial and don’t wander far from bait stations treated with c mere deer as they become acclimated to the sweet smelling, delicious food source, fending off lower ranking deer that try and move in on their corn, treated with cmere deer.

C mere deer reviews are in and hunters across the nation have found c mere deer corn coat draws deer in faster and more consistently to their stand site. Corn coat helps hold deer longer, providing better shot angles for both archers and gun hunters, alike. Even better, cmere deer helps hold does on the property during the rut, which also helps attract mature bucks to your stand site. The longer that does stay at the bait station feeding on the shelled corn treated with c’mere deer corn coat, the better opportunity hunters have for attracting trophy bucks within range for a quick, humane shot and consistently filled tags.

For many, the use of cmere deer begins during the pre-season as they start to inventory deer on their property. When used in conjunction with trail cameras, the results are unbeatable. C’mere deer corn coat effectively allows hunters to capture photos of does, fawns and bucks. It helps hunters determine the general population of deer on their property, as well as the quality and volume of bucks on their property.

Simply treat shelled corn with cmere deer corn coat powder or c’mere deer corn coat Pure Gold liquid and place it within 20 to 30 yards of your trail cameras for best results. Before you know it, deer will cmere and see what it is all about!

For those using cellular trail cameras along with bait stations treated with corn coat, hunters will begin to identify the patterns of mature bucks as they hit the shelled corn treated with c’mere deer corn coat at specific times of the day. Hunters can take advantage of these consistent patterns, making sure they are in the right stand at the right time as that next trophy comes in to find that fresh load of shelled corn treated with cmere deer corn coat, with FX500. The c mere deer reviews and photos don’t lie, hunters can depend on c mere deer corn coat to help them get the most out of their time in the woods each year and hang more trophies on the wall.